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Web Credits

Bringing Sound To Sage to the Web would not have been possible without the efforts of the following people, most of whom generously donated their time.

Special thanks go to Alan Humphrey, who has given hundreds of hours to develop the website; the Seattle Audubon Society's Science Committee for overall guidance; Lorraine Hartmann for heading the search to find our talented team of web volunteers; Paul Bannick for the photo of the Mountain Bluebird that graces our banner; and the Board of Directors of Seattle Audubon for supporting this project.

Project Management Group

  • Alan Humphrey (Lead)
  • Hal Opperman
  • Tom Rohrer
  • Adam Sedgley

Staff Project Lead

  • Adam Sedgley
  • Margot Stiles

Web Developers

  • Alan Humphrey (Lead)
  • Josh Freedman
  • Gayathri Subramonian
  • Sri Veena Syam Tangirala

Graphic Design

  • Adam Sedgley