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Kittitas County — Block Selection

Click a block on the map or a row in the table to display breeding bird status and observer hours for the block. You may also use the Search box to enter block numbers, block names, or township/range coordinates.

KT283 — Sentinel GapT15N R23E NE
KT281 — Sentinel Bluff WestT15N R23E NW
KT282 — Hanson Creek MouthT15N R23E SW
KT275 — Hanson Creek 1000' contourT15N R22E NE
KT263 — Hanson Creek 1500' contourT15N R22E NW
KT276 — Cottonwood Creek MouthT15N R22E SE
KT264 — Cottonwood Creek 2000' contourT15N R22E SW
KT251 — Hanson Creek HeadT15N R21E NE
KT239 — Hill 3150T15N R21E NW
KT252 — Lmuma Creek HeadT15N R21E SE
KT240 — Impact AreaT15N R21E SW
KT227 — Hill 2909T15N R20E NE
KT215 — North Fork Lmuma Creek MouthT15N R20E NW
KT228 — Lmuma Creek 2000' contourT15N R20E SE
KT216 — Hill 2843T15N R20E SW
KT203 — Lmuma Creek LowerT15N R19E NE
KT190 — RozaT15N R19E NW
KT204 — Burbank ValleyT15N R19E SE
KT191 — HillsideT15N R19E SW
KT279 — Wanapum DamT16N R23E NW
KT280 — Beverly JunctionT16N R23E SW
KT273 — Johnson Creek 1000' contourT16N R22E NE
KT261 — Hill 2207T16N R22E NW
KT274 — DorisT16N R22E SE
KT262 — Railroad Grade BM 1512T16N R22E SW
KT249 — CheviotT16N R21E NE
KT237 — Foster Creek/Badger Creek DivideT16N R21E NW
KT250 — Saddle Mountains SummitT16N R21E SE
KT238 — North Fork Lmuma Creek HeadT16N R21E SW
KT225 — Bynum RoadT16N R20E NE
KT213 — Badger PocketT16N R20E NW
KT226 — Badger GapT16N R20E SE
KT214 — I-82 Exit 11T16N R20E SW
KT201 — Vanderbilt GapT16N R19E NE
KT188 — Lost SpringT16N R19E NW
KT202 — Scorpion CreekT16N R19E SE
KT189 — UmtanumT16N R19E SW
KT176 — Riggs Road/Umtanum Creek FordT16N R18E NE
KT164 — Umtanum Creek FallsT16N R18E NW
KT177 — Riggs Road/Umtanum Ridge CrestT16N R18E SE
KT165 — Wright SpringT16N R18E SW
KT277 — Wild Horse MonumentT17N R23E NW
KT278 — VantageT17N R23E SW
KT271 — Hole in the WallT17N R22E NE
KT259 — Buckhorn SpringT17N R22E NW
KT272 — Ryegrass MountainT17N R22E SE
KT260 — Hult ButteT17N R22E SW
KT247 — Rocky Coulee HeadT17N R21E NE
KT235 — Radio TowerT17N R21E NW
KT248 — Middle Canyon HeadT17N R21E SE
KT236 — BoylstonT17N R21E SW
KT223 — RenslowT17N R20E NE
KT211 — East KittitasT17N R20E NW
KT224 — Wippel CreekT17N R20E SE
KT212 — Prater RoadT17N R20E SW
KT199 — KittitasT17N R19E NE
KT186 — Olmstead Place State ParkT17N R19E NW
KT200 — Denmark HallT17N R19E SE
KT187 — ThrallT17N R19E SW
KT174 — Ellensburg SouthT17N R18E NE
KT162 — Houson RoadT17N R18E NW
KT175 — Shushuskin CanyonT17N R18E SE
KT163 — Long Tom CanyonT17N R18E SW
KT152 — South Riggs CanyonT17N R17E NE
KT141 — North Riggs CanyonT17N R17E NW
KT153 — ObservatoryT17N R17E SE
KT142 — Umtanum Creek UpperT17N R17E SW
KT129 — South Fork Manastash Creek LowerT17N R16E NE
KT117 — Barber SpringsT17N R16E NW
KT130 — Mud FlatsT17N R16E SE
KT118 — Hudson CreekT17N R16E SW
KT78 — Milk Creek LowerT17N R14E NE
KT79 — CliffdellT17N R14E SE
KT105 — Bald MountainT17N R15E NE
KT92 — Milk Creek HeadT17N R15E NW
KT106 — Canteen FlatsT17N R15E SE
KT93 — Lefthand Fork Rock Creek HeadT17N R15E SW
KT269 — Box CanyonT18N R22E NE
KT257 — Skookumchuck Creek 1400' contourT18N R22E NW
KT270 — Skookumchuck Creek MouthT18N R22E SE
KT258 — Patte CanyonT18N R22E SW
KT245 — Quilomene Creek UpperT18N R21E NE
KT233 — Basalt SpringT18N R21E NW
KT246 — Bryant SpringT18N R21E SE
KT234 — Whiskey Dick MountainT18N R21E SW
KT221 — Spring GulchT18N R20E NE
KT209 — Gage RoadT18N R20E NW
KT222 — Whiskey Jim CreekT18N R20E SE
KT210 — North Caribou RoadT18N R20E SW
KT197 — Carpenter RoadT18N R19E NE
KT184 — Bar 14 RoadT18N R19E NW
KT198 — No 81 RoadT18N R19E SE
KT185 — Brick Mill RoadT18N R19E SW
KT172 — Tipton RoadT18N R18E NE
KT160 — Clarke RoadT18N R18E NW
KT173 — Ellensburg AirportT18N R18E SE
KT161 — Ellensburg NorthwestT18N R18E SW
KT150 — ThorpT18N R17E NE
KT139 — Winegar CanyonT18N R17E NW
KT151 — Robinson Canyon RoadT18N R17E SE
KT140 — Robinson CanyonT18N R17E SW
KT127 — Yahne CanyonT18N R16E NE
KT115 — Yahne Creek UpperT18N R16E NW
KT128 — Whiskey CanyonT18N R16E SE
KT116 — Whiskey FlatsT18N R16E SW
KT103 — Tamarack SpringT18N R15E NE
KT90 — Frost MountainT18N R15E NW
KT104 — Buck MeadowsT18N R15E SE
KT91 — Keenan MeadowsT18N R15E SW
KT76 — Hereford MeadowT18N R14E NE
KT63 — Dry MeadowT18N R14E NW
KT77 — Lily Pond LakeT18N R14E SE
KT64 — Kaner FlatT18N R14E SW
KT49 — Pileup CreekT18N R13E NE
KT36 — Lost MeadowT18N R13E NW
KT50 — West Quartz CreekT18N R13E SE
KT267 — Collins SpringT19N R22E NE
KT255 — Dry GulchT19N R22E NW
KT268 — Quilomene Creek MouthT19N R22E SE
KT256 — Perkins Fork MouthT19N R22E SW
KT243 — Tekison Creek UpperT19N R21E NE
KT231 — Brushy Creek ForksT19N R21E NW
KT244 — Perkins Fork ForksT19N R21E SE
KT232 — Perkins Fork HeadT19N R21E SW
KT219 — Caribou Creek HeadT19N R20E NE
KT207 — Cooke CanyonT19N R20E NW
KT220 — Caribou CanyonT19N R20E SE
KT208 — Trail Creek ForksT19N R20E SW
KT195 — Schnebly Canyon HeadT19N R19E NE
KT182 — Naneum CanyonT19N R19E NW
KT196 — Coleman Canyon MouthT19N R19E SE
KT183 — Farreil/Charlton RoadsT19N R19E SW
KT170 — Currier CanyonT19N R18E NE
KT158 — Reecer Canyon MouthT19N R18E NW
KT171 — Evans RoadT19N R18E SE
KT159 — Reecer Creek Road '90'T19N R18E SW
KT148 — Dry Creek UpperT19N R17E NE
KT137 — Horse CanyonT19N R17E NW
KT149 — DudleyT19N R17E SE
KT138 — Thorp PrairieT19N R17E SW
KT125 — Bristol FlatT19N R16E NE
KT113 — Indian John HillT19N R16E NW
KT126 — Elk HeightsT19N R16E SE
KT114 — Taneum MeadowT19N R16E SW
KT101 — Peoh PointT19N R15E NE
KT88 — Tillman CreekT19N R15E NW
KT102 — Gooseberry FlatT19N R15E SE
KT89 — Fishhook FlatsT19N R15E SW
KT74 — Butte Creek/Spex Arth Creek DivideT19N R14E NE
KT61 — Hick's ButteT19N R14E NW
KT75 — Mole MountainT19N R14E SE
KT62 — Lookout MountainT19N R14E SW
KT47 — Greek CreekT19N R13E NE
KT34 — Big Creek HeadT19N R13E NW
KT48 — Mount CliftyT19N R13E SE
KT35 — Bear CreekT19N R13E SW
KT24 — County CreekT18N R12E NE
KT22 — Blowout MountainT19N R12E NE
KT23 — Blowout CreekT19N R12E SE
KT20 — Cabin Creek UpperT20N R12E NE
KT21 — Tacoma PassT20N R12E SE
KT18 — Crystal SpringsT21N R12E NE
KT19 — MartinT21N R12E SE
KT16 — Upper Box CanyonT22N R12E NE
KT17 — Rock Rabbit LakesT22N R12E SE
KT14 — Iceberg LakeT23N R12E NE
KT15 — Alta PassT23N R12E SE
KT13 — Rods GapT18N R11E NE
KT10 — Snowshoe ButteT20N R11E NE
KT11 — Twin Camp CreekT19N R11E NE
KT12 — Naches PassT19N R11E SE
KT8 — Keechelus Lake SouthT21N R11E NE
KT3 — Yakima PassT21N R11E NW
KT9 — Stampede PassT21N R11E SE
KT4 — Meadow PassT21N R11E SW
KT6 — Gold Creek ValleyT22N R11E NE
KT1 — Snoqualmie PassT22N R11E NW
KT7 — Keechelus Lake NorthT22N R11E SE
KT2 — Mount CatherineT22N R11E SW
KT5 — Kendall PeakT23N R11E SE
KT51 — Trico MountainT24N R14E NW
KT65 — Paddy Go Easy PassT24N R14E SE
KT52 — Squaw LakeT24N R14E SW
KT37 — Mount DanielT24N R13E NE
KT38 — Spade LakeT24N R13E SE
KT25 — Dutch Miller GapT24N R13E SW
KT80 — Van Epps PassT23N R15E NW
KT94 — Esmeralda PeaksT23N R15E SE
KT81 — Hawkins MountainT23N R15E SW
KT66 — Scatter CreekT23N R14E NE
KT53 — Trail CreekT23N R14E NW
KT67 — Huckleberry MountainT23N R14E SE
KT54 — Lake TerrenceT23N R14E SW
KT39 — Waptus LakeT23N R13E NE
KT26 — Escondia LakeT23N R13E NW
KT40 — Polallie RidgeT23N R13E SE
KT27 — Island MountainT23N R13E SW
KT131 — Miller PeakT22N R17E NW
KT143 — Old Blewett PassT22N R17E SE
KT132 — Bear Creek ForksT22N R17E SW
KT119 — Navaho PeakT22N R16E NE
KT107 — Earl PeakT22N R16E NW
KT120 — Miller CreekT22N R16E SE
KT108 — Beverly CampgroundT22N R16E SW
KT95 — Iron PeakT22N R15E NE
KT82 — Koppen MountainT22N R15E NW
KT96 — Malcolm MountainT22N R15E SE
KT83 — Jolly CreekT22N R15E SW
KT55 — Salmon la SacT22N R14E NW
KT68 — Paris CreekT22N R14E NE
KT56 — Red MountainT22N R14E SW
KT69 — Sasse MountainT22N R14E SE
KT41 — Cooper LakeT22N R13E NE
KT28 — Kachess RiverT22N R13E NW
KT42 — Thorp MountainT22N R13E SE
KT29 — Little Kachess LakeT22N R13E SW
KT43 — French Cabin MountainT21N R13E NE
KT30 — Kachess ResortT21N R13E NW
KT44 — Kachess DamT21N R13E SE
KT31 — Amabilis MountainT21N R13E SW
KT70 — Hex MountainT21N R14E NE
KT57 — Cle Elum Lake NorthT21N R14E NW
KT71 — Driftwood AcresT21N R14E SE
KT58 — Cle Elum Lake CentralT21N R14E SW
KT97 — Teanaway ButteT21N R15E NE
KT84 — Yellow HillT21N R15E NW
KT98 — Lick CreekT21N R15E SE
KT85 — Dingbat Creek MouthT21N R15E SW
KT121 — Indian CreekT21N R16E NE
KT109 — RyepatchT21N R16E NW
KT122 — Dickey Creek HeadT21N R16E SE
KT110 — Dickey Creek MouthT21N R16E SW
KT144 — Mountain HomeT21N R17E NE
KT133 — Hovey CreekT21N R17E NW
KT145 — Lion GulchT21N R17E SE
KT134 — Red TopT21N R17E SW
KT178 — Mount LillianT21N R19E NW
KT192 — Mission PeakT21N R19E SE
KT179 — Grouse SpringT21N R19E SW
KT166 — Diamond HeadT21N R18E NE
KT154 — Blewett PassT21N R18E NW
KT167 — Naneum MeadowT21N R18E SE
KT155 — Billy Goat GulchT21N R18E SW
KT45 — EastonT20N R13E NE
KT32 — Cabin MountainT20N R13E NW
KT46 — Goat PeakT20N R13E SE
KT33 — Cole ButteT20N R13E SW
KT72 — Cle Elum DamT20N R14E NE
KT59 — Easton RidgeT20N R14E NW
KT73 — NelsonT20N R14E SE
KT60 — LavenderT20N R14E SW
KT99 — Carlson CanyonT20N R15E NE
KT86 — RoslynT20N R15E NW
KT100 — Cle ElumT20N R15E SE
KT87 — Bullfrog PondT20N R15E SW
KT123 — Mason CreekT20N R16E NE
KT111 — CaslandT20N R16E NW
KT124 — East Masterson RoadT20N R16E SE
KT112 — Cle Elum AirportT20N R16E SW
KT146 — LibertyT20N R17E NE
KT135 — Muster Creek/Mill Creek DivideT20N R17E NW
KT147 — First Creek CampgroundT20N R17E SE
KT136 — Hidden ValleyT20N R17E SW
KT168 — Table MountainT20N R18E NE
KT156 — Lion RockT20N R18E NW
KT169 — Barrel SpringT20N R18E SE
KT157 — Garrison SpringT20N R18E SW
KT193 — Swift CreekT20N R19E NE
KT180 — Naneum BasinT20N R19E NW
KT194 — Boulder CreekT20N R19E SE
KT181 — High CreekT20N R19E SW
KT265 — Spanish CastleT20N R22E NE
KT253 — Tarpiscan Creek MouthT20N R22E NW
KT266 — West BarT20N R22E SE
KT254 — Cape HornT20N R22E SW
KT241 — Hinkleman SpringT20N R21E NE
KT229 — Tarpiscan Creek UpperT20N R21E NW
KT242 — Horse CanyonT20N R21E SE
KT230 — South Fork Tarpiscan Creek HeadT20N R21E SW
KT217 — Colockum Creek HeadT20N R20E NE
KT205 — Naneum RidgeT20N R20E NW
KT218 — Colockum PassT20N R20E SE
KT206 — Coleman Creek UpperT20N R20E SW
Block Number TRQ Name
KT1 T22N R11E NW Snoqualmie Pass
KT2 T22N R11E SW Mount Catherine
KT3 T21N R11E NW Yakima Pass
KT4 T21N R11E SW Meadow Pass
KT5 T23N R11E SE Kendall Peak
KT6 T22N R11E NE Gold Creek Valley
KT7 T22N R11E SE Keechelus Lake North
KT8 T21N R11E NE Keechelus Lake South
KT9 T21N R11E SE Stampede Pass
KT10 T20N R11E NE Snowshoe Butte
KT11 T19N R11E NE Twin Camp Creek
KT12 T19N R11E SE Naches Pass
KT13 T18N R11E NE Rods Gap
KT14 T23N R12E NE Iceberg Lake
KT15 T23N R12E SE Alta Pass
KT16 T22N R12E NE Upper Box Canyon
KT17 T22N R12E SE Rock Rabbit Lakes
KT18 T21N R12E NE Crystal Springs
KT19 T21N R12E SE Martin
KT20 T20N R12E NE Cabin Creek Upper
KT21 T20N R12E SE Tacoma Pass
KT22 T19N R12E NE Blowout Mountain
KT23 T19N R12E SE Blowout Creek
KT24 T18N R12E NE County Creek
KT25 T24N R13E SW Dutch Miller Gap
KT26 T23N R13E NW Escondia Lake
KT27 T23N R13E SW Island Mountain
KT28 T22N R13E NW Kachess River
KT29 T22N R13E SW Little Kachess Lake
KT30 T21N R13E NW Kachess Resort
KT31 T21N R13E SW Amabilis Mountain
KT32 T20N R13E NW Cabin Mountain
KT33 T20N R13E SW Cole Butte
KT34 T19N R13E NW Big Creek Head
KT35 T19N R13E SW Bear Creek
KT36 T18N R13E NW Lost Meadow
KT37 T24N R13E NE Mount Daniel
KT38 T24N R13E SE Spade Lake
KT39 T23N R13E NE Waptus Lake
KT40 T23N R13E SE Polallie Ridge
KT41 T22N R13E NE Cooper Lake
KT42 T22N R13E SE Thorp Mountain
KT43 T21N R13E NE French Cabin Mountain
KT44 T21N R13E SE Kachess Dam
KT45 T20N R13E NE Easton
KT46 T20N R13E SE Goat Peak
KT47 T19N R13E NE Greek Creek
KT48 T19N R13E SE Mount Clifty
KT49 T18N R13E NE Pileup Creek
KT50 T18N R13E SE West Quartz Creek
KT51 T24N R14E NW Trico Mountain
KT52 T24N R14E SW Squaw Lake
KT53 T23N R14E NW Trail Creek
KT54 T23N R14E SW Lake Terrence
KT55 T22N R14E NW Salmon la Sac
KT56 T22N R14E SW Red Mountain
KT57 T21N R14E NW Cle Elum Lake North
KT58 T21N R14E SW Cle Elum Lake Central
KT59 T20N R14E NW Easton Ridge
KT60 T20N R14E SW Lavender
KT61 T19N R14E NW Hick's Butte
KT62 T19N R14E SW Lookout Mountain
KT63 T18N R14E NW Dry Meadow
KT64 T18N R14E SW Kaner Flat
KT65 T24N R14E SE Paddy Go Easy Pass
KT66 T23N R14E NE Scatter Creek
KT67 T23N R14E SE Huckleberry Mountain
KT68 T22N R14E NE Paris Creek
KT69 T22N R14E SE Sasse Mountain
KT70 T21N R14E NE Hex Mountain
KT71 T21N R14E SE Driftwood Acres
KT72 T20N R14E NE Cle Elum Dam
KT73 T20N R14E SE Nelson
KT74 T19N R14E NE Butte Creek/Spex Arth Creek Divide
KT75 T19N R14E SE Mole Mountain
KT76 T18N R14E NE Hereford Meadow
KT77 T18N R14E SE Lily Pond Lake
KT78 T17N R14E NE Milk Creek Lower
KT79 T17N R14E SE Cliffdell
KT80 T23N R15E NW Van Epps Pass
KT81 T23N R15E SW Hawkins Mountain
KT82 T22N R15E NW Koppen Mountain
KT83 T22N R15E SW Jolly Creek
KT84 T21N R15E NW Yellow Hill
KT85 T21N R15E SW Dingbat Creek Mouth
KT86 T20N R15E NW Roslyn
KT87 T20N R15E SW Bullfrog Pond
KT88 T19N R15E NW Tillman Creek
KT89 T19N R15E SW Fishhook Flats
KT90 T18N R15E NW Frost Mountain
KT91 T18N R15E SW Keenan Meadows
KT92 T17N R15E NW Milk Creek Head
KT93 T17N R15E SW Lefthand Fork Rock Creek Head
KT94 T23N R15E SE Esmeralda Peaks
KT95 T22N R15E NE Iron Peak
KT96 T22N R15E SE Malcolm Mountain
KT97 T21N R15E NE Teanaway Butte
KT98 T21N R15E SE Lick Creek
KT99 T20N R15E NE Carlson Canyon
KT100 T20N R15E SE Cle Elum
KT101 T19N R15E NE Peoh Point
KT102 T19N R15E SE Gooseberry Flat
KT103 T18N R15E NE Tamarack Spring
KT104 T18N R15E SE Buck Meadows
KT105 T17N R15E NE Bald Mountain
KT106 T17N R15E SE Canteen Flats
KT107 T22N R16E NW Earl Peak
KT108 T22N R16E SW Beverly Campground
KT109 T21N R16E NW Ryepatch
KT110 T21N R16E SW Dickey Creek Mouth
KT111 T20N R16E NW Casland
KT112 T20N R16E SW Cle Elum Airport
KT113 T19N R16E NW Indian John Hill
KT114 T19N R16E SW Taneum Meadow
KT115 T18N R16E NW Yahne Creek Upper
KT116 T18N R16E SW Whiskey Flats
KT117 T17N R16E NW Barber Springs
KT118 T17N R16E SW Hudson Creek
KT119 T22N R16E NE Navaho Peak
KT120 T22N R16E SE Miller Creek
KT121 T21N R16E NE Indian Creek
KT122 T21N R16E SE Dickey Creek Head
KT123 T20N R16E NE Mason Creek
KT124 T20N R16E SE East Masterson Road
KT125 T19N R16E NE Bristol Flat
KT126 T19N R16E SE Elk Heights
KT127 T18N R16E NE Yahne Canyon
KT128 T18N R16E SE Whiskey Canyon
KT129 T17N R16E NE South Fork Manastash Creek Lower
KT130 T17N R16E SE Mud Flats
KT131 T22N R17E NW Miller Peak
KT132 T22N R17E SW Bear Creek Forks
KT133 T21N R17E NW Hovey Creek
KT134 T21N R17E SW Red Top
KT135 T20N R17E NW Muster Creek/Mill Creek Divide
KT136 T20N R17E SW Hidden Valley
KT137 T19N R17E NW Horse Canyon
KT138 T19N R17E SW Thorp Prairie
KT139 T18N R17E NW Winegar Canyon
KT140 T18N R17E SW Robinson Canyon
KT141 T17N R17E NW North Riggs Canyon
KT142 T17N R17E SW Umtanum Creek Upper
KT143 T22N R17E SE Old Blewett Pass
KT144 T21N R17E NE Mountain Home
KT145 T21N R17E SE Lion Gulch
KT146 T20N R17E NE Liberty
KT147 T20N R17E SE First Creek Campground
KT148 T19N R17E NE Dry Creek Upper
KT149 T19N R17E SE Dudley
KT150 T18N R17E NE Thorp
KT151 T18N R17E SE Robinson Canyon Road
KT152 T17N R17E NE South Riggs Canyon
KT153 T17N R17E SE Observatory
KT154 T21N R18E NW Blewett Pass
KT155 T21N R18E SW Billy Goat Gulch
KT156 T20N R18E NW Lion Rock
KT157 T20N R18E SW Garrison Spring
KT158 T19N R18E NW Reecer Canyon Mouth
KT159 T19N R18E SW Reecer Creek Road '90'
KT160 T18N R18E NW Clarke Road
KT161 T18N R18E SW Ellensburg Northwest
KT162 T17N R18E NW Houson Road
KT163 T17N R18E SW Long Tom Canyon
KT164 T16N R18E NW Umtanum Creek Falls
KT165 T16N R18E SW Wright Spring
KT166 T21N R18E NE Diamond Head
KT167 T21N R18E SE Naneum Meadow
KT168 T20N R18E NE Table Mountain
KT169 T20N R18E SE Barrel Spring
KT170 T19N R18E NE Currier Canyon
KT171 T19N R18E SE Evans Road
KT172 T18N R18E NE Tipton Road
KT173 T18N R18E SE Ellensburg Airport
KT174 T17N R18E NE Ellensburg South
KT175 T17N R18E SE Shushuskin Canyon
KT176 T16N R18E NE Riggs Road/Umtanum Creek Ford
KT177 T16N R18E SE Riggs Road/Umtanum Ridge Crest
KT178 T21N R19E NW Mount Lillian
KT179 T21N R19E SW Grouse Spring
KT180 T20N R19E NW Naneum Basin
KT181 T20N R19E SW High Creek
KT182 T19N R19E NW Naneum Canyon
KT183 T19N R19E SW Farreil/Charlton Roads
KT184 T18N R19E NW Bar 14 Road
KT185 T18N R19E SW Brick Mill Road
KT186 T17N R19E NW Olmstead Place State Park
KT187 T17N R19E SW Thrall
KT188 T16N R19E NW Lost Spring
KT189 T16N R19E SW Umtanum
KT190 T15N R19E NW Roza
KT191 T15N R19E SW Hillside
KT192 T21N R19E SE Mission Peak
KT193 T20N R19E NE Swift Creek
KT194 T20N R19E SE Boulder Creek
KT195 T19N R19E NE Schnebly Canyon Head
KT196 T19N R19E SE Coleman Canyon Mouth
KT197 T18N R19E NE Carpenter Road
KT198 T18N R19E SE No 81 Road
KT199 T17N R19E NE Kittitas
KT200 T17N R19E SE Denmark Hall
KT201 T16N R19E NE Vanderbilt Gap
KT202 T16N R19E SE Scorpion Creek
KT203 T15N R19E NE Lmuma Creek Lower
KT204 T15N R19E SE Burbank Valley
KT205 T20N R20E NW Naneum Ridge
KT206 T20N R20E SW Coleman Creek Upper
KT207 T19N R20E NW Cooke Canyon
KT208 T19N R20E SW Trail Creek Forks
KT209 T18N R20E NW Gage Road
KT210 T18N R20E SW North Caribou Road
KT211 T17N R20E NW East Kittitas
KT212 T17N R20E SW Prater Road
KT213 T16N R20E NW Badger Pocket
KT214 T16N R20E SW I-82 Exit 11
KT215 T15N R20E NW North Fork Lmuma Creek Mouth
KT216 T15N R20E SW Hill 2843
KT217 T20N R20E NE Colockum Creek Head
KT218 T20N R20E SE Colockum Pass
KT219 T19N R20E NE Caribou Creek Head
KT220 T19N R20E SE Caribou Canyon
KT221 T18N R20E NE Spring Gulch
KT222 T18N R20E SE Whiskey Jim Creek
KT223 T17N R20E NE Renslow
KT224 T17N R20E SE Wippel Creek
KT225 T16N R20E NE Bynum Road
KT226 T16N R20E SE Badger Gap
KT227 T15N R20E NE Hill 2909
KT228 T15N R20E SE Lmuma Creek 2000' contour
KT229 T20N R21E NW Tarpiscan Creek Upper
KT230 T20N R21E SW South Fork Tarpiscan Creek Head
KT231 T19N R21E NW Brushy Creek Forks
KT232 T19N R21E SW Perkins Fork Head
KT233 T18N R21E NW Basalt Spring
KT234 T18N R21E SW Whiskey Dick Mountain
KT235 T17N R21E NW Radio Tower
KT236 T17N R21E SW Boylston
KT237 T16N R21E NW Foster Creek/Badger Creek Divide
KT238 T16N R21E SW North Fork Lmuma Creek Head
KT239 T15N R21E NW Hill 3150
KT240 T15N R21E SW Impact Area
KT241 T20N R21E NE Hinkleman Spring
KT242 T20N R21E SE Horse Canyon
KT243 T19N R21E NE Tekison Creek Upper
KT244 T19N R21E SE Perkins Fork Forks
KT245 T18N R21E NE Quilomene Creek Upper
KT246 T18N R21E SE Bryant Spring
KT247 T17N R21E NE Rocky Coulee Head
KT248 T17N R21E SE Middle Canyon Head
KT249 T16N R21E NE Cheviot
KT250 T16N R21E SE Saddle Mountains Summit
KT251 T15N R21E NE Hanson Creek Head
KT252 T15N R21E SE Lmuma Creek Head
KT253 T20N R22E NW Tarpiscan Creek Mouth
KT254 T20N R22E SW Cape Horn
KT255 T19N R22E NW Dry Gulch
KT256 T19N R22E SW Perkins Fork Mouth
KT257 T18N R22E NW Skookumchuck Creek 1400' contour
KT258 T18N R22E SW Patte Canyon
KT259 T17N R22E NW Buckhorn Spring
KT260 T17N R22E SW Hult Butte
KT261 T16N R22E NW Hill 2207
KT262 T16N R22E SW Railroad Grade BM 1512
KT263 T15N R22E NW Hanson Creek 1500' contour
KT264 T15N R22E SW Cottonwood Creek 2000' contour
KT265 T20N R22E NE Spanish Castle
KT266 T20N R22E SE West Bar
KT267 T19N R22E NE Collins Spring
KT268 T19N R22E SE Quilomene Creek Mouth
KT269 T18N R22E NE Box Canyon
KT270 T18N R22E SE Skookumchuck Creek Mouth
KT271 T17N R22E NE Hole in the Wall
KT272 T17N R22E SE Ryegrass Mountain
KT273 T16N R22E NE Johnson Creek 1000' contour
KT274 T16N R22E SE Doris
KT275 T15N R22E NE Hanson Creek 1000' contour
KT276 T15N R22E SE Cottonwood Creek Mouth
KT277 T17N R23E NW Wild Horse Monument
KT278 T17N R23E SW Vantage
KT279 T16N R23E NW Wanapum Dam
KT280 T16N R23E SW Beverly Junction
KT281 T15N R23E NW Sentinel Bluff West
KT282 T15N R23E SW Hanson Creek Mouth
KT283 T15N R23E NE Sentinel Gap