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Click a block on the map or a row in the table to display breeding bird status and observer hours for the block. You may also use the Search box to enter block numbers, block names, or township/range coordinates.

IS1 — Smith IslandT33N R1W SW
IS2 — Point PartridgeT32N R1W SE
IS7 — Deception PassT34N R1E SE
IS14 — Hoypus PointT34N R2E SW
IS15 — Dugualla BayT33N R2E NW
IS23 — Silver LakeT33N R2E SE
IS16 — Crescent HarborT33N R2E SW
IS8 — Ault FieldT33N R1E NE
IS9 — Oak Harbor NorthT33N R1E SE
IS3 — SwantownT33N R1E SW
IS10 — Oak Harbor SouthT32N R1E NE
IS4 — Hastie LakeT32N R1E NW
IS11 — Long PointT32N R1E SE
IS5 — Penn CoveT32N R1E SW
IS24 — Utsalady PointT32N R2E NE
IS17 — Polnell PointT32N R2E NW
IS25 — Camp GrandeT32N R2E SE
IS32 — English BoomT32N R3E NW
IS41 — Davis SloughT32N R3E SE
IS33 — Livingston BayT32N R3E SW
IS12 — Smith PrairieT31N R1E NE
IS6 — Ebeys LandingT31N R1E NW
IS13 — Admiralty HeadT31N R1E SE
IS26 — Camano Hill RoadT31N R2E NE
IS18 — Race LagoonT31N R2E NW
IS27 — Camano Island State ParkT31N R2E SE
IS19 — North BluffT31N R2E SW
IS34 — Triangle CoveT31N R3E NW
IS35 — Elger BayT31N R3E SW
IS42 — Tillicum BeachT30N R3E NE
IS36 — Saratoga PassageT30N R3E NW
IS43 — Camano Head/LangleyT30N R3E SE
IS37 — SaratogaT30N R3E SW
IS28 — Baby IslandT30N R2E NE
IS20 — GreenbankT30N R2E NW
IS29 — Holmes HarborT30N R2E SE
IS21 — South Whidbey State ParkT30N R2E SW
IS30 — FreelandT29N R2E NE
IS22 — Bush PointT29N R2E NW
IS31 — Double BluffT29N R2E SE
IS46 — Possession PointT28N R3E NE
IS40 — MaxweltonT28N R3E NW
IS44 — Sandy PointT29N R3E NE
IS38 — Lone LakeT29N R3E NW
IS45 — Deer LakeT29N R3E SE
IS39 — Sunlight BeachT29N R3E SW
Block Number TRQ Name
IS1 T33N R1W SW Smith Island
IS2 T32N R1W SE Point Partridge
IS3 T33N R1E SW Swantown
IS4 T32N R1E NW Hastie Lake (includes fragment in T32N R1W NE)
IS5 T32N R1E SW Penn Cove
IS6 T31N R1E NW Ebeys Landing
IS7 T34N R1E SE Deception Pass
IS8 T33N R1E NE Ault Field (includes fragment in T33N R1E NW)
IS9 T33N R1E SE Oak Harbor North
IS10 T32N R1E NE Oak Harbor South
IS11 T32N R1E SE Long Point
IS12 T31N R1E NE Smith Prairie
IS13 T31N R1E SE Admiralty Head (includes fragment in T31N R1E SW)
IS14 T34N R2E SW Hoypus Point
IS15 T33N R2E NW Dugualla Bay
IS16 T33N R2E SW Crescent Harbor
IS17 T32N R2E NW Polnell Point
IS18 T31N R2E NW Race Lagoon (includes fragment in T32N R2E SW)
IS19 T31N R2E SW North Bluff
IS20 T30N R2E NW Greenbank
IS21 T30N R2E SW South Whidbey State Park
IS22 T29N R2E NW Bush Point
IS23 T33N R2E SE Silver Lake
IS24 T32N R2E NE Utsalady Point
IS25 T32N R2E SE Camp Grande
IS26 T31N R2E NE Camano Hill Road
IS27 T31N R2E SE Camano Island State Park
IS28 T30N R2E NE Baby Island
IS29 T30N R2E SE Holmes Harbor
IS30 T29N R2E NE Freeland
IS31 T29N R2E SE Double Bluff (includes fragment in T29N R2E SW)
IS32 T32N R3E NW English Boom
IS33 T32N R3E SW Livingston Bay
IS34 T31N R3E NW Triangle Cove
IS35 T31N R3E SW Elger Bay
IS36 T30N R3E NW Saratoga Passage
IS37 T30N R3E SW Saratoga
IS38 T29N R3E NW Lone Lake
IS39 T29N R3E SW Sunlight Beach
IS40 T28N R3E NW Maxwelton
IS41 T32N R3E SE Davis Slough
IS42 T30N R3E NE Tillicum Beach
IS43 T30N R3E SE Camano Head/Langley (includes fragment in T30N R4E SW)
IS44 T29N R3E NE Sandy Point
IS45 T29N R3E SE Deer Lake (includes fragment in T29N R4E SW)
IS46 T28N R3E NE Possession Point (includes fragment in T28N R3E SE)