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Kitsap County — Block Selection

Click a block on the map or a row in the table to display breeding bird status and observer hours for the block. You may also use the Search box to enter block numbers, block names, or township/range coordinates.

KP28 — Foulweather BluffT28N R1E NE
KP40 — HansvilleT28N R2E NW
KP53 — Point No PointT28N R2E SE
KP41 — Coon BayT28N R2E SW
KP54 — EglonT27N R2E NE
KP42 — Port GambleT27N R2E NW
KP55 — KingstonT27N R2E SE
KP43 — Striebels CornerT27N R2E SW
KP29 — Hood Canal BridgeT27N R1E NE
KP30 — Kitsap Memorial State ParkT27N R1E SE
KP18 — Pioneer Hill Rd/Pioneer Way JunctionT27N R1E SW
KG10 — Richmond BeachT26N R3E NE
KG11 — North BeachT26N R3E SE
KP10 — BangorT26N R1W SE
KP31 — Hwy 307/Hwy 305 JunctionT26N R1E NE
KP19 — VinlandT26N R1E NW
KP32 — PoulsboT26N R1E SE
KP20 — Naval ReservationT26N R1E SW
KP56 — IndianolaT26N R2E NE
KP44 — Miller BayT26N R2E NW
KP57 — Fay Bainbridge State ParkT26N R2E SE
KP45 — SuquamishT26N R2E SW
KP58 — Skiff PointT25N R2E NE
KP46 — ManzanitaT25N R2E NW
KP59 — WinslowT25N R2E SE
KP47 — University PointT25N R2E SW
KP33 — Central ValleyT25N R1E NE
KP21 — Clear Creek ValleyT25N R1E NW
KP34 — MeadowdaleT25N R1E SE
KP22 — SilverdaleT25N R1E SW
KP11 — Big Beef HarborT25N R1W NE
KP12 — Seabeck Hwy/Newberry Hill Rd JunctionT25N R1W SE
KP7 — SeabeckT25N R1W SW
KP4 — Stavis BayT25N R2W SE
KP17 — Wye LakeT22N R1W NE
KP39 — BurleyT22N R1E NE
KP27 — GlenwoodT22N R1E NW
KG2 — LisabeulaT22N R2E NE
KP64 — LisabuelaT22N R2E NE
KP52 — Olalla Creek MouthT22N R2E NW
KG3 — Camp SealthT22N R2E SE
KP62 — SouthworthT23N R2E NE
KP50 — Long LakeT23N R2E NW
KG1 — CoveT23N R2E SE
KP63 — CoveT23N R2E SE
KP51 — Olalla ValleyT23N R2E SW
KP37 — BethelT23N R1E NE
KP25 — SunnyslopeT23N R1E NW
KP38 — South Port Orchard AirportT23N R1E SE
KP26 — Wicks LakeT23N R1E SW
KP15 — Bremerton National AirportT23N R1W NE
KP16 — Bear LakeT23N R1W SE
KP5 — NW Church RoadT24N R2W NE
KP2 — Anderson CoveT24N R2W NW
KP6 — Morgan MarshT24N R2W SE
KP3 — Ludwick LakeT24N R2W SW
KP1 — Chinom PointT24N R2W SE
KP5 — NW Church RoadT24N R2W NE
KP2 — Anderson CoveT24N R2W NW
KP6 — Morgan MarshT24N R2W SE
KP3 — Ludwick LakeT24N R2W SW
KP13 — Wildcat LakeT24N R1W NE
KP8 — Camp UnionT24N R1W NW
KP14 — Union River ReservoirT24N R1W SE
KP9 — Mission LakeT24N R1W SW
KP35 — Port WashingtonT24N R1E NE
KP23 — Kitsap LakeT24N R1E NW
KP36 — Sinclair InletT24N R1E SE
KP24 — GorstT24N R1E SW
KP60 — Fort Ward State ParkT24N R2E NE
KP48 — Manchester State ParkT24N R2E NW
KP61 — Blake IslandT24N R2E SE
KP49 — Orchard HeightsT24N R2E SW
Block Number TRQ Name
KP1 T24N R3W SE Chinom Point
KP2 T24N R2W NW Anderson Cove
KP3 T24N R2W SW Ludwick Lake
KP4 T25N R2W SE Stavis Bay
KP5 T24N R2W NE NW Church Road
KP6 T24N R2W SE Morgan Marsh
KP7 T25N R1W SW Seabeck (includes fragment in T25N R1W NW)
KP8 T24N R1W NW Camp Union
KP9 T24N R1W SW Mission Lake
KP10 T26N R1W SE Bangor
KP11 T25N R1W NE Big Beef Harbor
KP12 T25N R1W SE Seabeck Hwy/Newberry Hill Rd Junction
KP13 T24N R1W NE Wildcat Lake
KP14 T24N R1W SE Union River Reservoir
KP15 T23N R1W NE Bremerton National Airport
KP16 T23N R1W SE Bear Lake
KP17 T22N R1W NE Wye Lake
KP18 T27N R1E SW Pioneer Hill Rd/Pioneer Way Junction
KP19 T26N R1E NW Vinland
KP20 T26N R1E SW Naval Reservation
KP21 T25N R1E NW Clear Creek Valley
KP22 T25N R1E SW Silverdale
KP23 T24N R1E NW Kitsap Lake
KP24 T24N R1E SW Gorst
KP25 T23N R1E NW Sunnyslope
KP26 T23N R1E SW Wicks Lake
KP27 T22N R1E NW Glenwood
KP28 T28N R1E NE Foulweather Bluff
KP29 T27N R1E NE Hood Canal Bridge
KP30 T27N R1E SE Kitsap Memorial State Park
KP31 T26N R1E NE Hwy 307/Hwy 305 Junction
KP32 T26N R1E SE Poulsbo
KP33 T25N R1E NE Central Valley
KP34 T25N R1E SE Meadowdale
KP35 T24N R1E NE Port Washington
KP36 T24N R1E SE Sinclair Inlet
KP37 T23N R1E NE Bethel
KP38 T23N R1E SE South Port Orchard Airport
KP39 T22N R1E NE Burley
KP40 T28N R2E NW Hansville
KP41 T28N R2E SW Coon Bay
KP42 T27N R2E NW Port Gamble
KP43 T27N R2E SW Striebels Corner
KP44 T26N R2E NW Miller Bay
KP45 T26N R2E SW Suquamish
KP46 T25N R2E NW Manzanita
KP47 T25N R2E SW University Point
KP48 T24N R2E NW Manchester State Park
KP49 T24N R2E SW Orchard Heights
KP50 T23N R2E NW Long Lake
KP51 T23N R2E SW Olalla Valley
KP52 T22N R2E NW Olalla Creek Mouth
KP53 T28N R2E SE Point No Point (includes fragment in T28N R2E NE)
KP54 T27N R2E NE Eglon
KP55 T27N R2E SE Kingston
KP56 T26N R2E NE Indianola (includes fragment in T26N R3E NW)
KP57 T26N R2E SE Fay Bainbridge State Park
KP58 T25N R2E NE Skiff Point
KP59 T25N R2E SE Winslow
KP60 T24N R2E NE Fort Ward State Park (includes fragment in T24N R3E NW)
KP61 T24N R2E SE Blake Island
KP62 T23N R2E NE Southworth
KP63 T23N R2E SE Cove
KP64 T22N R2E NE Lisabeula